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Difficult People
Creating Balance
Advanced Teams

Seminars and Consultations by Dr. Scott Sindelar, CEO of the Institute for Advanced Business Psychology

Dealing with Difficult People

They are everywhere: inside your organization and outside among your customers and vendors.  Stop losing time, profits, and your sanity by ineffectively handling these difficult people.  Learn the secrets from clinical and forensic psychology applied to business situations. Take back the control of your interactions.


Creating Balance

Without balance, work productivity and family life suffers drastically.  The most effective people have learned the necessary tools of creating and keeping a balanced life. Transforms people on the edge of destruction.


Advanced Team Building 

Seminars designed to create successful teams at any of the four stages of team development


Fear-Free Selling
Only a few sales professionals ever reach the level of master sales superstars. Those that do have learned to uncover and destroy their hidden fears.  This is a step by step extremely high content, intensive seminar reserved for those who are ready and motivated to take off. 


The A-Z of Psychological Prospecting Warfare

Each day your prospects are inundated with over 3000 advertising messages trying to get their attention. You don't have a chance unless you are using PPW - Psychological Prospecting Warfare strategies.




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