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Quick Overview



of Marketing

Your consultants in this unique new audio program:

Dottie Walters
Special Featured Guest

Tim Adams
Marketing Mastermind

Jerry Fletcher
The Networking Ninja

Greg Gibson
Dr. Influence

Mike Harris
Ad-Agency Guru

John Haskell
Dr. Revenue®

Larry Mersereau
The Success Strategist

Hank Moore
Corporate Strategist

Albert Palacios
Marketing Maverick

Scott Sindelar, Ph.D.
The Business Psychologist

Drew Eric Whitman
Direct Response Surgeon™



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Meet the Publisher



$50,000 Business Makeover Marathon

"If You Buy Just One Business Training Program All Year,
THIS is the One You Want."

~ Featuring: Scott Sindelar, Ph.D. ~ 

and "The MasterMinds of Marketing"

This Amazing New Audio Program Features 11 of the World's Greatest Advertising, Marketing & Sales Authorities Teaching You How To:

Persuade Like a Pro... Network Like a Ninja...
Create Killer Advertising Materials...
Strategize Like a Military General...
& Leave Your Competition Choking On Your Dust

Guaranteed to Help You Instantly Supercharge Your:

> Ads

> Brochures

> Sales Letters

> Emails

> Web Sites

> And Much More...

... And Completely Transform
Your Business in 60 Days or Less.


Here is a note from the publisher:

"You MUST make serious money using the ideas in this unique program or I insist you return it within ONE FULL YEAR for a fast, cheerful refund... no questions asked.  I stake my international reputation on it."
                                                                      -Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.


From the desk of: Drew Eric Whitman, D.R.S.
Author of:  "How to Create Power-Packed Ads,
Brochures & Sales Letters that Make Money NOW!™
Philadelphia, PA
Friday, 12:16 pm

My Dear Business Friend:

If you have a cassette player and can invest 27 cents a day, I'm going to turn YOU into a sales and marketing powerhouse ...GUARANTEED.

I don't care how poorly your business is now performing...

I don't care how few orders your ads, brochures, sales letters and emails are now pulling...

I don't care if the counter on your web site hasn't had a measly "10" hits after being online for 10 months...

It doesn't matter if you can't tell a "headline" from a "headlight"...

Or if you couldn't convince your own mother to loan you a dollar to buy a loaf of bread...

...This brand new business training program has the power to turn YOU into a sales and marketing dynamo in no time flat, whether you've been in business for decades... or just days.

Simply Push the "START" Button
on Your Tape Player and...

...YOU WILL LEARN to create marketing materials that will leave your competition choking on your dust.

...YOU WILL LEARN to actually change the way you think about advertising, marketing and sales ... you will learn how to persuade like an expert.

...YOU WILL LEARN to "install" potent new software into your brain that will have you creating advertising like a highly paid ad-agency pro.

...YOU WILL LEARN how big-money sales experts use potent sales psychology and the cutting edge technologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to influence and persuade.

...YOU WILL LEARN how to talk the talk AND walk the walk of advertising and marketing experts.

...YOU WILL LEARN how to direct others to do your bidding, such as copywriters and designers and how to save a fortune in both time and money.

...YOU WILL LEARN what mistakes your competitors are making and how to capitalize on their ignorance.

...YOU WILL LEARN what IS great marketing and business strategy and what is downright garbage.

...YOU WILL LEARN how to craft psychologically potent "hooks" that will make your competition cry like a baby for its rattle.

Never again will you be intimidated when you speak to the so-called "pros" who often commit the hundreds of mistakes that I'm going to teach you to avoid like the plague.

YOU will be the one with the authority.

YOU will be the one in the know.

YOU will be the person whom OTHER people turn to when creating their own marketing materials and planning their business strategy and execution.


No B.S. Keep reading...

Here's The Scoop...

Last year Drew decided to create an intense, multi-expert audio program on the subject of advertising, marketing and sales that would put other such albums to shame.

He searched for months for experts who not only knew their stuff, but could communicate it powerfully enough to turn even the meekest marketing mouse into a fire-breathing, razor-toothed marketing Street Dragon.

It wasn't easy.

After rejecting material from dozens of hopefuls (including two who became somewhat belligerent when we "rejected" them), only 10 of the most powerful and effective marketers and business experts remained—the cream of the crop in background, knowledge and teaching style.

The bios of these masters read like a "Who's-Who" in business, ranging from owners of their own high-powered ad agencies employing hundreds, to an advisor of U.S. presidents.  They have appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows and have trained and educated literally hundreds of thousands.

The have come to be known around the world as, "The Masterminds of Marketing."

These experts provide a flood of information that help business people in any industry to completely out-market and out-maneuver their competition.

They deliver one practical tip, trick and technique after another.

They literally spill their guts and hold nothing back.

The project exceeded our own lofty expectations and the end-result was spectacular: Over 12 solid hours of information that would cost over $50,000 if you were to contract each of these experts individually.



Featuring: Dr. Scott Sindelar and  
"The MasterMinds of Marketing"

This incredible new 8-cassette audio program contains more USABLE, PRACTICAL INFORMATION on the subject than ANY other album available today.

It's so thick with how-to techniques and ready-to-apply strategies, it can actually save you hundreds of hours of reading and hundreds of dollars in buying other programs and books. That's because so much is contained in this one big album.

"The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon" puts you in a conference room—face-to-face—with 11 of the best and brightest marketers on the planet.

Each of these experts sits "by your side," advising you to take certain tested actions ... encouraging you to try "in-the-trench-proven" ideas that can spell the difference between success and failure.

They'll be tugging at your shirtsleeve, alerting you to potential mistakes that have already caused others to fail miserably. Their advice will guide you confidently down the path of success because they tell you exactly what to do and what NOT to do.

Boring theories and half-baked ideas?

Not in "The $50,000 Business Makeover Marathon."

You get just the meat. The facts. On-target and to the point.

Simply pop tape #1 into your cassette player. You'll be overwhelmed with more how-to information in this ONE tape than most other programs offer you in their entire multi-tape album.  (This is not just another advertising claim. It's something you'll prove to yourself within the first few minutes of listening to the first of 8 tapes in this big, rich album.)

~ Quick Overview~
Here Are Just a Few of The
Hundreds of Things You'll Learn:

• How to Get Prospects to Choose YOU Over the Competition— Sneaky ways to make YOU the "preferred provider!"

• How to Convince Any Skeptic—Using new tools of psychology unknown to most (if not all) of your competition!

• 13 "Brain-Leverage" Tools to Build an Instantly Recognizable Identity—You'll stand out in the crowd so prospects will think of YOU first!

• Tested & Proven Methods for Becoming Famous Using Traditional & Electronic Media—Want instant credibility? You MUST listen to this tape!

How to Affect Your Customers on an Unconscious Level—Amazing "high-tech" ways to help prospects realize the value of your offer!

• How to Ethically "Install" Powerful Buying Suggestions to Boost Sales—How Neuro-Linguistics can help you persuade like a master!

Secrets for Attracting the Maximum Possible Number of Prospects—Tested & proven "Pro Tricks" to start a river of new prospects flowing to your front door!

• How to Hold Readers' Attention Like Glue—The more they read, the more you sell. Super-easy tricks that work!

8 Instant-Effect "Booster Shots" to Help You Fire-Up Your Bottom Line—A master of business strategy teaches you to make foundational-level business changes that translate into more $$$ for YOU!

• How to Create a Competitive Matrix for Developing an Unstoppable Business War Plan—Find the cracks in your competitions' armor... exploit & profit big from their weaknesses!

How to Write Sales Letters that "Sizzle & Pop!"—A master's course on one, two-sided tape. You'll laugh at your old sales letters after what you learn in this special double-length program... (no kidding)!

• How to Sequence Your Sales Message for Maximum Unconscious Impact—Yes, it makes a MAJOR difference WHEN you present each of your sales points. Learn why and how to do it correctly!

How to Put Million-Dollar Secrets of Giant Companies to Work for You—Use the tricks that the major players use to crush their competition!

• How to Craft a Dynamic Growth Strategy for Unlimited Success— The strategist for many of the nation's top corporate giants tells you how.

How to Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Any Product or Service—Pick up the phone and call those prospects you dread calling. Make those contacts you've been putting off.  Smash through the fear that's keeping you from enjoying enormous success. Renowned business psychologist teaches you how in his special double-length consultation.

• The "Fudge Devil Volcano Technique" for Writing "Thunder-Bolt" Headlines—A crazy name for an awesome technique to install powerful mental movies in the minds of your prospects.

How to Use "Ad-Q-Puncture"™ to Shock Your Readers into Buying—Stop writing wimpy sales copy. Learn how to shake people up by using advertising "tough talk" that gets results.

• Why Your Web Site Will Likely Fail Miserably & How to Fix it in Minutes—Internet-guru teaches you tricks learned after surfing to more than 20,000 pages... start a stampede to your web site NOW!

How to Create Guarantees that Seduce Customers into Buying— Ridiculously simple, but amazingly powerful. Expect an IMMEDIATE increase in your response... no matter what your business.



For example, in...

You'll Meet Drew Eric Whitman
...and the Fur Will Fly!

Topic: "Million-Dollar Secrets of the Most Expensive Copywriters in the World!"

Okay, my friend!  Get ready for the advertising education of your life. In your first session, you and I will meet for an advertising makeover you'll never forget. I'll throw so much practical information at you that your head will be spinning like a top.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to write killer advertising.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to create appeals that are irresistible to your prospects.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to string simple words together that make people want to give you their money.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to take crummy, weak, boring old ads and fire them up with so much sales appeal they sizzle.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to dissect crummy ads and turn them into winners.

I'LL TEACH YOU how to do the same with YOUR ads, sales letters,
brochures, web sites, emails and more.

In fact, I've packed so much good, real-world information into Sessions 1 & 2, by the time you're finished listening to my tape alone, I'm confident you'll feel as if you've ALREADY received more than your money's worth for the entire program.


• How to Think Like an Ad-Agency ProHow to Make More Money Using Your Brain Less Often  • The "Fudge Devil Volcano Technique" for Writing "Thunder-Bolt" HeadlinesHow to Use "Ad-Q-Puncture"™ to Shock Your Readers into Buying Why Your Web Site Will Likely Fail Miserably & How to Fix it in Minutes How to Create Guarantees that Seduce Customers into Buying  • How to Make Your Small Company Look Like a National Giant 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Start Any Ad • 22 Tested Prescriptions for Killer Headlines • How to Add Fire & Sizzle to Copy You've Already Written • AND MUCH MORE!

Then, in the tremendously practical...

You'll Meet & Consult with Marketing Mastermind

Topic: "How to Get Inside Your Prospects' Heads & Practically Force Them to Do Business With You"

Prepare yourself for a no-holds barred, no-nonsense session that's jam-packed with one money-making idea and technique after another. If you want to master the art of writing advertising that practically forces readers to do business with you, Tim Adams is your man. He's an author, speaker, and publisher of Marketing Tips That Work! ezine that's taking the Web by storm. His offbeat and in-your-face style creates training materials that are often humorous and entertaining, but always fact-filled and on the money. Tim's extensive accounting background brings a no-nonsense, bottom-line approach to marketing. He exposes outdated marketing myths and reveals hard-core, insider marketing techniques that work both on and off the internet.


• How to Get Prospects to Choose You Over the Competition • How to Convince Any Skeptic • How to Make Your Prospects Justify their Purchase Decisions • Sneaky Tricks to Get Your Prospects to "Drop their Guard" When Delivering Your Sales Speech • How to Affect Your Prospects' Subliminal Decision to Do Business With You • AND MUCH MORE

You'll then continue your training with...

When You'll Meet the Networking Ninja™

Topic: "STAND OUT! 13 Profit-Boosting Ideas to Make You & Your Business Absolutely Unforgettable"

Jerry Fletcher is a former CEO and 30-year veteran and expert at national and international business development. He has consulted for companies such as Sequent, Tektronix, Pentax, Intel and many others. He raised over $500,000 of private funding for a client in 17 days... doubled the income of a world-class direct marketing firm in nine months... and helped successfully introduce over 200 new products and services. He's a Certified Professional Consultant and author of books on Positioning and Do-it-yourself Marketing as well as four audio programs on the art of Networking.


13 "Brain-Leverage" Tools to Build an Instantly Recognizable Identity • Tested & Proven Methods for Becoming Famous Using Traditional & Electronic Media • 7 Powerful Secrets for Getting a Stream of Referrals that Can Make You Rich • How to "Hook 'em... Hold 'em... Pitch 'em & Close 'em"  • How to Get More Referrals than You Can Handle • AND MUCH MORE

Next, you'll learn some of the most cutting-edge tools of persuasion available today. In...

You'll Meet "Dr. Influence"

Topic: "How to Make Anyone Say 'YES!"

Greg Gibson, "Dr. Influence" is a specialist in powerful personal and professional communication techniques. As a highly sought after "Success Coach" and Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Greg has applied his special technologies to achieve peak performance with Olympic athletes, musicians, sales professionals, health care professionals, business owners, business managers, and others, and has received a plethora of referrals from prominent business leaders. Greg is also the creator of these other leading-edge communication and business success technologies: Neuro-Logics™ , Transformational Core Patterning™ , The Coaching Circle™ and Penumbra Technologies™ .


• How to Make Anyone Say Yes • How to Affect Your Customers on an Unconscious Level • How to Ethically "Install" Powerful Buying Suggestions to Boost Sales • How to Psychologically Tailor Your Sales Messages to the 3 Primary Types of People • How to Ask Questions to Guarantee the Results You Want • AND MUCH MORE

Next, you'll see just how easy it is to create ads that pull like crazy, when in...

You'll Meet International Ad Agency Guru

Topic: "How to Use Your 'Fail-Safe Ad Planner' to Create Rifle-Accurate Advertising Every Time!"

Before starting his own creative services company in the U.S., Mike was recognized as a top art director and copywriter for some of the leading advertising agencies in London, England. He led newspaper ad departments grossing more than sixty-million dollars a year and conducted dynamic sales training and motivational programs for advertising salespeople all over America. Now heading his own company, Mike Harris Creative Services, he creates TV and radio commercials and press ads for a variety of clients in the banking and entertainment industries, and illustrates ads, magazines and books.


• How to Create Rifle-Accurate Advertising with the "Fail-Safe Ad Planner" • How to Construct Your Ads from the Ground Up • 37 Words that Spell Success or Failure for Every Ad • Secrets for Attracting the Maximum Possible Number of Prospects • How to Hold Readers' Attention Like Glue • How to Construct Powerful, Emotional "Selling Stories" • Ad-Agency Tips to Get Prospects to Buy Now • AND MUCH MORE


Then get ready for a major kick in the business pants when in...

You'll Meet Dr. Revenue®

Topic: "7 Profit Prescriptions to Boost Your Business NOW!"

As a founder of the Abbey Rents Furniture Division of Sara Lee and Chief Operating Officer of two divisions of Fortune 500 companies before he was 30, Dr. Revenue got his start in the trenches. He has written and helped implement over 400 marketing and sales plans for mid-size and smaller companies. His "Dr. Revenue Marketing and Sales Clinics" focus attention on prescriptions for immediate and sustained growth of both the top and bottom line. He is a popular business speaker, seminar leader and author of Dr. Revenue's Profit Prescription. His articles appear frequently in business newspapers and industry magazines throughout the nation.


• A Powerful 5-Step Plan that Makes Organizing Any New Marketing Campaign a Snap • 8 Instant-Effect "Booster Shots" to Help You Fire-Up Your Bottom Line • How to Create a Competitive Matrix for Developing an Unstoppable Business War Plan • How Deadly "Marshmallow Marketing" may be Strangling Your Success • How to Forecast Your Way to a Fortune • How to Build Your Solid-Gold Identity in the Marketplace • AND MUCH MORE

Next, your training continues with an onslaught of ready-to-use information when you begin...

You'll Meet Success Strategist

Topic: "How to Write Sales Letters that Sizzle & Pop!"

Thousands of business owners, marketing executives and professionals worldwide use Larry Mersereau's strategies and tactics every day to steal their competition blind. He's been involved in a dozen businesses since 1972 and is now a published author and professional speaker who addresses dozens of association and corporate audiences every year. As an avid student of marketing and psychology, you'll benefit directly from the lessons he's learned in his experience with over 200 consulting and copywriting clients. Put just one of the dynamite ideas on Larry's tape to work in your business, and you'll know immediately why they call him "The Success Strategist."


• How to Write Sales Letters that Sizzle & Pop • How to Sequence Your Sales Message for Maximum Unconscious Impact • How to Write Killer Headlines that Catch Readers Like a Big Hook • How a 3-Letter Word Grabs People's Eyes & Instantly Boosts Readership • Pro Techniques for Creating "Power Propositions" • Direct Mail Graphic Tricks that Can Instantly Double, Triple Your Readership • AND MUCH MORE

Next, prepare yourself for a virtual MBA in under 1 hour, when in...

You'll Meet Futurist/Corporate Strategist™

Topic: "How to Craft a Dynamic Business
Growth Strategy"

As the nation's only Corporate Strategist, Hank works with boards of directors, CEOs and executive teams of corporations implementing original, cutting-edge ideas for creating and sustaining business growth throughout every sector of the organization. He facilitates decision-maker "think tanks" based purely upon his own ideas and creative concepts. He is a rare Big Picture strategist, an advisor to U.S. presidents, and has provided senior -level consulting services for more than 1,500 client organizations, including 80 of the Fortune 500. He has appeared on all major TV and radio networks, 80+ business publication interviews, 70+ broadcast news interviews and over 100 talk shows. Hank delivers a "Big Picture" overview of business—a virtual MBA crash-course—in about 45 minutes flat... simply amazing.


• How to Put Million-Dollar Secrets of Giant Companies to Work for You • How to Craft a Dynamic Growth Strategy for Unlimited Success • What it Takes to Grow an Almighty Business Tree™ • How Hank's Awesome Depth of Knowledge Can Start You Walking, Talking & Thinking Like a Top-Gun Business Strategist • AND MUCH MORE

And then, get ready for the man who teaches you how to cash in with your computer when in...

You'll Meet & Consult with Marketing Maverick

Topic: "How to Create Web Sites that Can Make You Rich"

After a 17-year corporate career full of awards and accolades, Albert went from being the apprentice in a 3-person operation to the leader of more than 200 employees responsible for over $7-million in annual revenue. Today, after spending thousands in research and years in intensive investigation of over 20,000 web sites, Albert consults with and creates wildly successful sites for companies all over the world.


• "Web-Guru" Tips & Tricks to Attract Customers Like Nails to a Magnet • How to Build a Giant, Amazingly Profitable Customer Database with Zero-Cost Ezines • How Eye-Popping "Splash Pages" Can Make Your Sites Super Appealing • What to Add (& Avoid at All Costs) to Get Surfers to Visit Your Site Again & Again • Sure-Fire Ways to Supercharge Your Site's Search-Engine Rankings • AND MUCH MORE

Next, you'll learn how to start doing those things that you know would propel you to faster and greater success... if you could only overcome the fear that's paralyzing you! In...

You'll Meet & Consult with Me - The Business Psychologist

Topic: "How to be Absolutely Fearless Selling Anything"

I help individuals and businesses succeed by mastering the greatest barrier to success: Fear. As a forensic psychologist, I have evaluated some of the most disturbed minds. As a business psychologist, I have examined some of the most successful minds and businesses. The result is a deep understanding of the psychology of fear and motivation, the cornerstones of Emotional Intelligence. 

Who IS Dr. Scott Sindelar?

Dr. Sindelar is CEO of the Institute for Advanced Business Psychology and is a consultant in psychological marketing. He is a professional speaker, a licensed psychologist and the founder of three successful businesses. He is the author of, Conquering the Fear of Rejection and Anger: Toxic Waste for your Business. He has presented and consulted with businesses from Singapore to Saudi Arabia.

Real life - Real business experience!

He recently took over a money-losing business, turned it around and paid back the investors in 3 months. But he didn't stop there. He continued using his psychological marketing secrets to overwhelm the competition. They begged him to stop. When they couldn't beat him, they did the only thing they could do. they bought him out!


• How to Become Absolutely Fearless Selling Any Product or Service • How to Shatter Fears Keeping You From Succeeding • 6 Amazing Mind Tricks for Erasing Sales Anxiety  • Doctor's Technique for Transforming Fear into Personal Power • Simple Self-Talk Mind-Games to Help Give You "Push-Button Confidence" • AND MUCH MORE

Here is Your Chance to ORDER NOW (click here)!


Now get ready for a real treat when in...

You'll Meet Special Featured Guest Expert

Topic: "What Dottie Learned in Her 30+ Years in Marketing & How YOU Can Apply it to YOUR Business for Incredible Success!"

Dottie Walters is a world-class speaker and legendary sales and marketing authority who has been featured on CNN and thousands of radio and TV shows around the world. She publishes the largest circulation magazine in the world for paid speakers, SHARING IDEAS. She is co-author of Speak & Grow Rich and author of the world's first book for women in sales Never Underestimate the Selling Power of a Woman.


• How to Use the Power of Public Speaking to Drive Your Business through the Profit Roof • 7 Secrets of Marketing Highly Profitable Seminars • How Listening to Your Customers Can Make You Rich • Dottie's Top 20 Secrets of Genius Marketing How to Make Big Money as a Highly Paid Professional Speaker How to Motivate & Inspire Yourself for Success Beyond Your Wildest DreamsAND MUCH MORE

And then in...

You & Drew Will Meet Again for a Fast-Paced Question & Answer Session Designed to Give You a Money-Magnet Madison Avenue Mind™

Topic: "How to Make a Fortune Thinking Like a Direct Response Ad-Agency Pro!"

In this hard-core tape, he'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions and teach you how to think like a Madison Avenue Mastermind. Once you get this down, your entire philosophy will change and you'll no longer create advertising the old, ineffective way again. Greater response, more orders and more profits will be yours. This consultation, like all the others--is jam-packed with ready-to-apply information all designed to help you put more $$$ in your pocket... NOW. He'll take you for a tour INSIDE HIS MIND (As scary as that may sound!) and teach you how he thinks... how he develop "hooks" that influence people to spend money.

WARNING: If you're looking for "nicey-nice" talk that's likely to make no impact (like many other business programs now available), you are advised to skip this one cassette side.  Because in this extended consultation, he speaks to you very directly... gets a bit wild at times... and pours his heart into everything he says to you.  He's committed to starting your head spinning with bold new ideas and supercharged enthusiasm by the time you "leave his office."    

To ORDER NOW, Click here!


Listen: we worked very hard to make sure that these tapes were nothing like your average audio-cassette program.

For example, do you know how some seafood restaurants use more bread
crumbs in their deviled crab cakes than crab meat itself?


It's cheaper, of course. Nothing surprising.

But did you know that in the same way many other cassette programs are also mostly filler? It's true! They're bloated with stories (often boring). Or lots of bad jokes. Others are so repetitious that you could listen to only half the program and not miss a thing!

Still others (and this really annoys me) are recorded during a live presentation. Nothing wrong with this, but when the speaker constantly asks people in the audience, "Would you please share what you're learning in this seminar?" Or, "Why don't you tell everybody how you will apply the technique we just discussed!" my blood pressure goes through the roof!


Nothing annoys me more than spending my hard-earned cash on a program by an expert and receiving a bunch of tapes filled up with a bunch of yakking by everyone BUT the expert! If I pay good money to hear an expert talk ... THAT'S WHO I WANT TO HEAR!

(Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.)

Now, if you'll indulge me a moment and let me toot my own horn, let me tell you the bottom line about this new program: IT MUST MAKE YOU $$$ OR I INSIST YOU TAKE YOUR MONEY BACK... PERIOD.

I invite you to take it for a risk-free "test-drive" ...

Take Up to One Full Year to See that It's Right For You

I honestly believe that, "The $50,000 BUSINESS MAKEOVER MARATHON" contains more practical, put-it-to-immediate-use information that any other 8-pack advertising album on the market today.

I challenge you to find a better, more practical program on the market. Chances are, you won't. (If you do, let me know. I'd like to congratulate the author for a job well done!) I took these experts' over 2 centuries of hands-on experience and compressed them into 8 tapes that teach you how to DOUBLE... TRIPLE... QUADRUPLE your income -- without spending a penny more.

You wouldn't believe how much time and effort went into creating these tapes.

First, we spent 6 months searching for the very best experts available. To attract them, Drew wrote an exhaustively detailed 18-page letter explaining the project and what he was looking for. (Yes, 18 pages. Long copy sells.)

He then took about 2 months to review all the submissions.

Then he spent about one month writing all the introductions and front- and back-cover copy. $4,000.00+ was spent in designer fees alone to get the album to look better than anything you'd find in any national chain bookstore. One of the nation's top book cover designers was employed and she did an outstanding job. (Wait until you see it.) Gorgeous full-color covers cost a pretty penny, but total quality was the key so he went the added expense. It took about 45 days back and forth with the designer. Changes, more changes, additions, color corrections, approvals. Whew!  It's hard work.

He spent hundreds of $$$ more for the #1 voice talent in the business to record the introductions and "Critical 7's" (You'll like these!)  Just wait until you hear the "pipes" on this guy!  He's the advertising voice for some of the largest and most successful corporations in the U.S.  Expensive, but worth every penny.

Digital editing of the entire album took 6 months and $14,527 at one of the finest studios in Philadelphia--Crystal Clear Recording--with genius audio engineer, Joseph Heier, using some of the most expensive recording equipment available.

(For you technophiles, it's a $71,550.00 system consisting of a Mark of the Unicorn 2408, 24-bit, with 72 digital inputs & outputs locked up in midi machine code running Studio Vision Pro, Digital Performer and Pro Tools... Tascam DA88 recorders, as well as Alessis ADAT recorders with 48 tracks controlled by a blazingly fast G-series Macintosh computer with so much RAM and hard drive space, it's scary.)

Production expenses ran in the thousands of dollars for the initial run, not to mention hundreds more in shipping costs alone. (Ugh.) Then heI spent several days writing the copy you're now reading and hundreds more were spent on web site development, banner ads and sales letters.

In total, he spent over $31,800 and nearly 12 months creating "The $50,000 BUSINESS MAKEOVER MARATHON." It was truly a labor of love, and the end-result is absolutely tremendous.

And, while we do admit that sometimes you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the information contained in this unusual program, I'm pretty sure in the long run you'll appreciate the exceptional value you're getting.


I don't mean to boast, but I truly believe this album is worth 100 times its modest price. The information -- IF USED -- can make you thousands of dollars in additional business.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise, really. These tapes contain the same strategies and techniques and methodology that a consultant or ad agency would use if you hired them for big bucks.

Best of all, you don't need any special skills or expertise to use the techniques we reveal to you. In fact, you can begin applying some (or all!) of the ideas the very same day you hear them.

Here's what I hope for you...

I hope that you start using the information in these tapes and then you write me a letter telling me exactly what you did and the results you got. I want you to keep me apprised of your successes. Implement just one idea, and your business can be turned around so completely, you'll wish you knew about this program years ago.

In fact, I guarantee that you'll quickly make back your investment or I'll return every penny you paid, less shipping.

(Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are these tapes so special?

A: Because the emphasis is on PRACTICAL, HOW-TO information... LOTS of it. We wanted to create an educational product that is so HEAVY WITH INFORMATION that other such audio programs look lame by comparison. Drew insisted that each of the experts were truly TRAINING people, not just giving them something to play in their tape decks when there was no good music on the radio.  

Our goal was to give business people a huge advantage over their competitors by telling them EXACTLY what things they need to do to influence people to buy.  The tips, tricks, strategies, methods, guides, formulas that the pros use every day in high-powered advertising agencies throughout the country.

You see, many programs are entertaining.  Many are interesting. Many are both. BUT FEW ARE ALSO MASSIVELY INFORMATIVE. Few of them would make you say, "WHEW!  THERE'S ALMOST TOO MUCH GREAT INFORMATION IN THESE TAPES!" This program does just that... yes, really.

Sure, these are strong claims. I know. But, that's why I give you up to ONE FULL YEAR to evaluate everything we say here in this web site.  If you're not 100% thrilled, simply return the album in like-new condition for prompt refund.  Heck, I don't care if you simply don't like the colors selected for the album cover... return it! You are in complete control.

Why am I so confident?  Because I know once you listen to "THE $50,000 BUSINESS MAKEOVER MARATHON"... once you experience the tidal wave of dynamite information that will pour out of your speakers and into your head... you'll never consider sending it back.  It's going to be one of your favorite business tools in your library... GUARANTEED.

Q: Will these tapes make me rich?

A: It's up to YOU to put these ideas to work and make yourself rich. However, the information in this audio training course can definitely put you on the road to riches. It will save you years of reading, digesting and testing... and thousands of dollars in experimentation. The 11 experts in this program already did the experimenting for you! Don't repeat our thousands of dollars of costly mistakes. Use just ONE idea in this program and you can quickly make back your small investment.

Q: Are these tapes boring like so many other business programs?

A: This is an excellent question... Drew says "This is one that I ask myself before *I* buy educational programs. You see, as an advertising trainer, I travel the U.S. giving seminars to business organizations.  I know that it's not good enough to simply be informative. You must also be entertaining or you'll lose your audience! They'll drift off... or fall asleep! (As a speaker, you know you're in big trouble if you're giving a seminar and you hear people snoring!)"  

That's why he insisted that the information and presentation style in this program was both riveting and dynamic... upbeat and colorful... fast-paced and downright exciting!  We guarantee you'll be impressed.  Once you listen to just the very first few minutes of tape #1, you'll know what I mean. In fact, you'll probably wish ALL business courses were created this way. Prepare yourself to be spoiled! :-)

Q: Can't I just dig up all this information at my local library?

A: The majority of the information contained in these tapes is exclusive to this program. However, you can find many excellent books on advertising, marketing and sales in your local library. In fact, I'd be happy to suggest a few... just ask.

But the question is: "How much time do you have?"

It would take you years to read and digest all the books available to you. It's not so easy! That's because many are filled with stories... impractical detail... and endless chatter telling you THAT you're supposed to do something, but not HOW you're supposed to do it. Many books tell you the philosophy, but few also tell you how to APPLY that philosophy!

What the heck good is that? Your objective is not (at least I don't think it is) to go around in a white robe preaching about "The Wonders of the World of Advertising and Marketing."


Your goal is: TO MAKE MORE MONEY, quickly and more easily.

Well... we've done the reading and experimentation for you. In about 12+ hours, we promise you that you'll know more about how to create powerfully effective advertising and marketing than 99% of all other business owners on the planet. And that's not just an advertising claim... it's a fact. But don't take MY word for it. The NO-NONSENSE ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE lets you prove it to yourself.

Q: Who benefits most from this course?

A: Anyone in business. I don't care what type of business you're in. You could be a mail order entrepreneur or an undertaker... a real estate agent or a web designer... it simply doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are someone seeking more business... more leads... more sales... more $$$ in your pocket.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have a product or service to sell, this program is guaranteed to help you make more money.

How's this possible?


Because the experts in this program teach you the PSYCHOLOGY and MECHANICS of potent advertising, marketing and sales. We teach you how to talk to other people's brains to persuade the owners of those brains to buy from you. We don't waste your time with useless nonsense. Only stuff you can use immediately.

Q: I've seen business tapes sell for $499... $895 and more. Why is this extensive course only $99? Why so affordable?

A: Simple. The market is so large for this program that it's not necessary to charge a ridiculous price. By keeping the price within reason ($10 to $15 per cassette is typical for audio programs) we are connecting with a far greater audience.  

Did you know that some experts try to convey a great sense of value in their programs by doing nothing more than charging outrageous prices?  

It's true.

Most often--at least in my experience (and I'm a cassette junkie)--the content of their programs isn't worth a fraction of what they're charging.  

Do you see what they're trying to do with this ploy?  

It's a fact of human psychology that the mind will try to justify an expenditure (regardless how UN-wise that expenditure was) in order to avoid feeling like it was "taken"... "ripped off"... duped.  

Pay $2,500 for a set of tapes that are claimed to be the greatest thing since indoor plumbing and the average consumer says, "Hmmmm... this product MUST be good... it was so expensive. Maybe I'm simply missing the point... maybe I better listen to it again."

And then the "biggie" that justifies every bad purchase decision in one fell swoop: "This program MUST be worth $2,500 or the expert could never be selling it to anyone for such a price... no one would buy it... all those people can't be wrong... besides, this expert is so well known!"


But , hey... it's not up to me to tell other people how to sell their products. (Unless they ask me, of course.  :-)  However, I'd rather sell to10x as many people... have a customer base that's 10x larger... have this much-larger bunch of customers referring me to their business associates... sell far more products... and ultimately make much more money doing so.  It just makes good sense.

Here is Your Chance to ORDER NOW (click here)!

Q: What happens if I have questions after listening to the tapes? Can I contact the experts directly?

A: Of course! They'd be happy to hear from you... that's why they provide their contact information, including web sites and email addresses.  If you have a question about something they taught you, email them!  If you find yourself "connecting" with a particular expert or experts, you may wish to consider their books, tapes, reports or one-on-one consultations.  

Each expert is there for you. They're not mysterious authors living in seclusion somewhere deep in the mountains of New Mexico avoiding contact with the human race, like some others. They're not the type that strives to give the impression that they're too important... too busy... have no time for calls... no time to lend a helping hand or offer advice.   (Ugh... people like that drive me nuts.) 

No way.  

Instead, these 11 experts--The MasterMinds of Marketing--really want to help you.  They are real people--not faceless authors--who are out in the trenches every day helping people like you and me to make more money.

Q: As the publisher of this program, Drew, you're naturally biased. What do OTHERS say about these experts?


Q: Some cassette tapes have crummy sound quality and are annoying to listen to. What is the quality of this program?

A: EXCELLENT! Each tape was digitally mastered from primarily 100% digital sources meaning the ultimate in clean, clear, beautiful sound... start to finish. They were processed through $71,550 worth of pro studio equipment plus thousands of dollars of audio-processing software for the ultimate listening experience.

Heck, the cassettes themselves are among the highest quality available. They're fastened with metal screws, not just glued together like some others you've seen.

The magnetic recording tape itself is better than tape used in the majority of audio programs you probably now own. (The company that produced "THE $50,000 BUSINESS MAKEOVER MARATHON" is the same chosen by Nightingale-Conant, the largest provider of audio products on the planet.)  

The book-style albums are constructed of pure, virgin black vinyl with welded edges and seams, and durable, reinforced hinges. They'll last and last... and look good on your bookshelf for years. (Of course, I hope this program will stay mostly OFF, rather than ON, your bookshelf!)

The whole album is shrink-wrapped in plastic to "keep it fresh" and protect it against moisture while it's en route to your doorstep after you order.

Quality, quality, quality is the watch-word.

You'll be more than pleased, I assure you.

Q: Can I buy this album in a local book store?

A: Some bookstores may be able to order a copy for you, but it may take weeks for the special order to be processed.  There are no plans to sell this album as "in-stock merchandise" in any bookstore at this time. The fastest way to get your copy is to order it directly from this web site.

Here is Your Chance to ORDER NOW (click here)!

If The Ideas Revealed to You Don't Put Cash in Your Pocket,
The Program will be Bought Back from You... No Questions Asked

You read correctly. Listen to the tapes for ONE FULL YEAR. Apply some (or all) of the ideas and techniques revealed to you by these international experts. If within that time you don't easily make back your small investment, simply return them post-paid to your authorized distributor (the person you bought it from) and all your money (less shipping) will be promptly returned to you. I defy you to find a better offer than that on ANYBODY'S cassette tape program!

Now, be honest. If you like what I have to say about advertising -- and I assume you do or you wouldn't have read this far into this letter -- then I can't imagine any reason in the world why you'd be anything other than absolutely thrilled about "The $50,000 BUSINESS MAKEOVER MARATHON!"

If you're really serious about improving your sales materials, whether they be brochures, ads, sales letters, flyers, whatever... you owe it to yourself to check out this risk-free offer. Not only will you receive one of the best audio programs available, but you'll also get it with a bonified ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! How can you possibly lose?



Stop thinking about trying this program and take action NOW.

Invest just $99—that's less than 28 cents a day for the next 12 months—to help supercharge your business (and your wallet).


IT'S SO EASY TO ORDER!   For fastest service, simply click on the link below and place your order directly from me, the
MasterMind of Marketing, Scott Sindelar, Ph.D.:

Here is Your Chance to ORDER NOW (click here)!


REMEMBER: You must love these tapes or return them any time within ONE FULL YEAR for a prompt, cheerful refund. You're protected by my guarantee, and to be honest with you, if I did my job right, you'll never use it because this program will become one of your favorite reference guides in your business library!

After listening to the program, I'd love to hear from you. Write to me at my email address ScottJohn@WorkingResults.com and let me know your thoughts. I'll be here for you should you have any questions. I hope we can establish a mutually rewarding relationship long after you purchase this tremendous, money-making business course.

Until then, I'll be "watching" for your order!

Success to you, my new friend! <handshake>

Scott Sindelar, Ph.D. 
The Business Psychologist

P.S. Listen: You're going to spend hundreds... thousands of dollars in time, money and effort promoting your business. Why not learn to do it the most effective, money-making way?  Why not learn the techniques that some of the best on the planet use?  It just makes good sense. These same ideas and strategies are yours for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. Stop wasting your time and money playing advertising, marketing and sales guessing games! Invest a few tax-deductible* dollars in the success of your business RIGHT NOW. Click on the link above and start running your business with the confidence of a Marketing Mastermind. Since you have ONE FULL YEAR to decide if it's everything I said it is, why not give it a try?



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* Consult your tax advisor for full details.






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