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Fear Free Selling
Conquering Rejection
ANGER Antidotes
60 Stress Stoppers
Kids Emotional IQ

We develop and provide  customized  or generic-level information products that create Working Results for your organization.

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No frills, no fluff, no nonsense seminar that pulverizes the greatest barriers to sales supremacy.  Originally developed as part of the Master Minds of Marketing audio seminar. 

        Available as an audio package, seminar/training, or                
        executive coaching program.


Conquering the Fear of Rejection

The newly and entirely revised classic manual.  A step by step, how-to manual and desktop reference guide for executive presenters, sales professionals, and managers who need to persuade others. (It also works for social situations such as dating or meeting others).

 Available as a manual, seminar/training, or executive coaching program.

Anger: Toxic Waste for Your Business

Anger is more common than ever and is the second most destructive force in business and personal relationships.  Developed over 25 years through research and practical trials, this seminar is the most powerful way to eliminate the toxic waste of anger.  Used for individual and team applications.  this program has literally saved lives and businesses.

        Available as an audio package, seminar/training, or executive  
        coaching program.
60 Ways to Overcome Stress

This how-to manual teaches the secrets known by those who survive and thrive in the most stressful occupations.  For example, 80% of Air-Traffic controllers "crash and burn-out" with stress-related disorders. Despite this, 20% thrive on the job.  Here is how the top 20%  and other successful stress-masters do it.

 Available as a manual White-Paper, seminar/training, or executive coaching program.

Emotional Intelligence for Kids

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence are learned skills. These two videos teach kids (and their parents) the inter-personal and intra-personal skills needed for successful living, learning, and working. The first video won the coveted international CINDY award and was quickly followed-up by the second video. Animated Graphics by the award-winning Learning Edge company. Live action by an award-winning actress portraying Mother Goose.

Video Tape only



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