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ropeaxecolorwhiteback.JPG (53318 bytes)Dr. Scott Sindelar with some of the climbing equipment he used to   successfully reach the summit of Cerro Aconcagua. This mountain, in Argentina, is the tallest mountain in the Western Hemispheres (23,032 feet above sea level). He did not climb in his suit and tie. He did apply his Psychological Secrets of teamwork, self-motivation, and Emotional Intelligence to safely complete this ascent.  Four other climbers from different expeditions died on this mountain during the time he was there.

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   Here he is surrounded by the Top Management Secretaries in Singapore.  The blond next to him is a Marilyn Monroe character presenter who also spoke at this event.


SSserius.jpg (89529 bytes)

Yes, he is a serious presenter when the topic calls for it.  Many attendees say he looks like a cross between Harrison Ford and Robin Williams. He is a little of both onstage.


The breathtaking view from the summit of Cerro Aconcagua. This is looking East toward Argentina. Behind him is Chile and the Pacific ocean, hundred of miles away.  The temperature is 70 degrees (F) below zero, and the winds were gusting at 70 miles per hour. The hardest part was yet to come. 




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